Sunday, September 18, 2011

Television Throw-Down

It's time for a throw-down. The time has come to wrestle the television back from Ruanita. Since she's not been working, I have pretty much given her complete dominion over the television. It was summer. Nothing was on. Most evenings, I would sit and piddle around on my laptop while she performed her nightly whiplash channel-changing ritual—eventually settling on something freakish or, at minimum, oddly disturbing.

That is all about to change. Television is back. The new fall line-ups are beginning this week and I intend to watch some television. I need to do some research. I know Modern Family has its one-hour premier on Wednesday. Beyond that, having not watched television all summer—I have no idea when my shows come on. Gray's Anatomy. When does that come on again? Glee? I like The Big Bang Theory and Raising Hope. The Good Wife? I love that show. I know that is going to be on Sundays this season. I have never watched a single entire episode of Dancing with the Stars, but I feel the need to support my homeboy Chaz this season. Only because he is getting shit from ignorant people. I love to support an underdog. And there are a couple of completely new shows that look interesting. I have to watch Persons of Interest because it has the guy from LOST in it—only my very favorite show ever. And that new show Once Upon a Time looks promising.

I think I need to make a graph. A flow chart, perhaps. I need to figure out exactly how and in what sequence I plan to spend my fall and winter comatose in front of the television screen. I need to wrestle the remote from Ruanita's icy death grip and change the channel. No longer is she going to be allowed to fill my living room with the freaky prison soundbites of Beyond Scared Straight. I am taking control.

Yes, those are fighting words.


Madgew said...

TIVO is the answer to all your viewing enjoyment.

Barb said...

Oh to be able to watch television again! I make time to watch 3 hours a week during football season, but for the most part, I feel completely out of the loop. I don't even recognize the names of any of the shows nominated for the Emmys. I mean this in the nicest way, but how in the hell do people with small children find time to watch TV? I miss it.

Shannon said...

Barb--I feel your pain. I have been very much out of the television loop until this last season. My kids are a big older than yours, so I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel. :) I can't watch anything that comes on before my kids' 8pm bedtime, but for the most part, they go to bed pretty well. So I can sneak in some evening television after 8:00.

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