Sunday, September 04, 2011

On Being an Adult

Being a grown-up sucks on many levels. From insignificant things like being required to pour apple juice for all three of my children in the morning before I am allowed to suck down my diet pepsi, to bigger things like pricing and comparing private insurance plans--adulthood sucks. Right now, I am in a state of transition. Adulthood is a pain in the rear end when things are going smooth and one has her life in order. However, when plans are up in the air, routine exists in a state of limbo, and responsibilities seem overwhelming, adulthood takes on a whole new realm of infernal hellishness.

Right now, I am job searching. Not fun. Not productive, either. I am also insurance shopping. With COBRA coverage being an absurd $1300+ a month, I am shopping for a private plan to cover my family for the year Ruanita plans on staying home to work on her licensure. Or at least until I get a full-time job with benefits. I worked for seven years in the medical insurance industry, and the options are still mind-boggling to me.

And on a slightly smaller scale, I am still wiping my son's butt--another "adult" activity I am not fond of. As I was sitting here typing this just now, I was summoned to the bathroom with Nicholas' sing-songy call of "I pooped and peed." When I told him that he knows quite well how to wipe his own butt now, he responded with, "I can wipe my butt at school, but I don't like to do it at home." Why? Simple. "It's not fun," he said.

That, my friends, says it all. Adulthood is not fun. Can I be five-years-old again? Please? Can someone bring me juice and wipe my butt and let me monopolize the television watching episode after mind-numbing episode of Hello Kitty's Fairytale Theater? Come least Phineas and Ferb are entertaining! But Hello Kitty?

Ooph da!


Madgew said...

All true. And all trying but eventually we all learn to wipe our own butt.

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