Friday, August 05, 2011

My Requisite Friday Morning Blog

I recently had a friend tell me that she reads my blog first thing every morning at work and is disappointed when she logs in and does not find a new blog entry waiting for her. I admit this is a bit flattering. I am not above enjoying a good ego stroke. But you know, in all honesty, that's really a lot of pressure. I feel compelled to write something today so as not to disappoint my friend. I mean, I don't want tears and wails of grief on my conscience. The only problem is, there is absolutely nothing going on in my life. Nothing of interest to write about. Nothing at all that would entertain my friend on this steamy Friday morning. But am I going to let that stop me? Of course not..

Let's see....ummm....hmmmm....what to write about. I finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy last night. I loved it. The books were great and completely absorbing. I am a bit disappointed that the story is over. And even more so, I am disappointed that I now have to go back to engaging my children. Anyone have a good book I can read? I rather enjoy the exhilaration of being absorbed in a book while thoroughly neglecting my children.

Ummm....what else? My cat bites/scratches appear to be healing with no signs of infection. As of yet. My tetanus shot was relatively painless. At least the needle was. The after effects, not so much. Right now my arm is utterly useless. It hurts to move my shoulder at all. I am pecking at the keyboard with my right hand as I type this. My left hand is attached to the end of an immobile lump of flesh. Painful to the touch and perfectly useless. No, I am not being melodramatic. No, I am not a wimp. I am just anti-pain.

Speaking of the cat, we have yet to make a decision. Then again, the last brawl happened on Monday and Ruanita and I don't see each other except on weekends right now. So I am sure we will discuss it this weekend. Personally, I think the cat needs to go. She's just too aggressive to live in a house full of kids. She used to attack Sophie out of the blue for no reason prior to us getting a dog. She'd just walk up and bite the top of her head while Sophie was watching television. She's not really an incredibly pleasant cat. However, being a mostly unpleasant and frequently aggressive cat, taking her to the Humane Society would be a death sentence. Who would want to adopt her? Certainly not me. So what do we do? We can't live in fear of one of the kids accidentally letting Stella slip upstairs like Nicholas did on Monday. I can't break up another fight. And though Molly has lived with us longer, Stella is clearly the best choice for a family pet for us. That is, according to Ruanita and me. And Sophie and Nicholas. Lucas, however, feels differently. Of course my anxious, nervous son would be a cat person. Of course he would be the ONE person in the house who would defend Molly and grieve her ouster from the house. So do we keep the cat and live the rest of our lives in fear of our calculating kitty scratching out our poor dumb puppy's eyes, stalking us as we sleep, and infecting us all with cat scratch fever? OR...Do we traumatize our eldest son by sentencing his beloved pet to a certain death and being forced to live with the psychological fallout of being known cat-killers for the rest of our lives? Nothing can be simple, huh?

Okay Sharon, you have your blog entry for the day. A pitiful excuse for one, but a blog entry nonetheless. I have to admit that this particular blog didn't exactly do wonders for my mood. The agonizing realization that I am going to have to actually engage my children today...the reliving of my painful and traumatic tetanus shot...delving deeply into my moral angst over my cat predicament. All in all a rather depressing stream of consciousness this morning.

I think I need a donut now.


Jessica said...

Would any of your friends take your cat? That way the kids would know it has a good home and might see it from time to time? Other than that I suggest a bogus letter from the happy new owners--you know, out on some big farm... ;)

Madgew said...

How about letting the cat outside to roam free and hopefully, never return?

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