Friday, July 22, 2011

They have no business getting a dog!

I has been brought to my attention that some of my friends have been voicing concerns about my sanity in recent weeks. “What the hell are Shannon and Ruanita thinking with this dog stuff?” “Are they crazy?” “They have no business getting a dog.” “Have they lost what tiny shred of sanity they once possessed?” Or, in the words of my sister, Jennifer, “I can smell your dog.”

Well, my dear friends, I must admit that I have had these exact same thoughts. Having dealt with Old Stella's constant anxiety and New Stella's one night of unbridled destruction, I admit to thinking we were crazy for assuming we could handle a dog. Today, however, I am admitting that I am smitten with my puppy. Let me tell you why.

Stella has become accustomed to following me from room to room. This means that I am constantly tripping over her. I must lock the bathroom door when I pee or I will get an uninvited guest kissing my knees as I sit on the toilet. Mildly disturbing, but I have learned to adjust. Her following me around is a nuisance at times, but there are other times that it is completely endearing. Like when she helps me tuck the kids in at night.

Every night, after I convince the children to finally climb into their beds, I make my rounds kissing each one and tucking them in for the night. Stella has become my lovable assistant. I typically start with Sophie because she is usually the first in bed. As I sit on the edge of her bed and we whisper our “Goodnights” and“I loves yous” and “Sweet Dreams,” Stella will jump up on her bed. She will lay down next to Sophie. Kiss her goodnight. Give her some snuggling while we quietly discuss the day. It is incredibly sweet. When I leave Sophie's room to head to Nicholas' bed, Stella will follow me and hop on his bed to give him the same love and snuggles. Then on to Lucas. She sweetly tucks each kid into bed before moving into the living room with me and assuming her spot on the couch for a little napping and TV time. This has become our nightly routine.

Now come on, who couldn't love a dog who tucks the children in every night?


Madgew said...

Adorable but I wouldn't want a dog that follows me everywhere. Just me.

Stacy said...

That dog is a keeper!! As a puppy showing that much nurturing and love for the kids? Awesome! :)

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