Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Stella

Well, we did it. We returned our beloved Stella and came home with a new dog. As of right now, we are fostering the new dog until she has been spayed. Then, she will be eligible for adoption and can be ours for good if we so choose. The new dog is a small boxer, perhaps a tiny bit smaller than our previous dog. The kids and Ruanita insist on keeping the name Stella for this dog, as well. The kids originally picked the name Stella and do not want to give it up. Ruanita simply doesn't want to forfeit the seven dollars we paid for the tag etched with the name "Stella." Cheapskate. Personally, I think we should have picked a new name for a new dog. I am having a hard time getting used to calling the new dog Stella. It seems somehow wrong. If not wrong, at least weird. But I've been outvoted. So I suppose I will have to get used to it.

New Stella is completely different from Old Stella. Whereas Old Stella was docile and sweet and gentle, New Stella is a happy, perky, butt-wagging, kissing and hugging boxer. Old Stella was completely silent when in the house. New Stella grunts and snores and makes happy weird little dog noises. Old Stella walked around with her head down quietly asking for affection. New Stella constantly wags her stubby little tail (and her entire rear end) and is not shy about giving hugs and kisses. As a matter of fact, she doesn't appear to be shy about anything. She's just this happy-go-lucky little thing.

Right now, the kids are a bit put-off by New Stella. That is, with the exception of Sophie who is such a dog person that she instantly falls in love with any and every dog she meets. Sophie has already declared her undying love for New Stella. The, not so much. New Stella is a momma dog. As a matter of fact, she just had her puppies taken away on Sunday. As a result, she has these huge saggy boobs that I am told will get much, much better. Right now, my dog has bigger boobs than me. The boys are kind of leery of the saggy boobs. She also has a cherry eye--a big red bulge--in the corner of her left eye. It's something that I am told is fairly common in dogs and she is going to have minor surgery to have it corrected at the same time she gets spayed. So, while incredibly cute and loving, she is not exactly looking her best right now with the big bulging red eye and the saggy boobs. Sophie looks past this to the sweetness within. Lucas and Nicholas can't get past the boobs. Typical men.

In the next few days, we will be getting to know New Stella. I am already taken by her happy-go-lucky positive demeanor. I am hoping the rest of the family comes around, as well. I think she will make a great addition to our family.

I hope.


Madgew said...

I am glad you will do a test run. See how she does when you leave her at home by herself. Is she crated? I hope so. Have fun with the new Stella. Maybe a middle name will work. Like Stella Joy.

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