Friday, May 06, 2011

Plain and Simple

It's strange how things that have never been on your radar suddenly seem to be all around you once you lend your attention to them. This morning, I wrote about my feelings on the gay marriage debate that is headed to a vote in Minnesota in 2012. This afternoon, Lucas has a friend from school over for a playdate. As they were playing just now--mid wrestling match--I heard Ryan ask Lucas, "Is your mom married?" Without missing a single beat, all three of my children instantly answered, "Yes." Then they went about their play. There was no "but." No "ummm..." No hesitation at all. There was no need on their part to explain their family any more than with a simple yes. They've seen pictures of our wedding. In their eyes, Ruanita and I married. Plain and simple.

Now if we can only get reality to catch up with our children...


Madgew said...

Love this.

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