Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Name Game

I am married to a woman. Though Ruanita and I are not legally married, I consider myself married in every other sense of the word. We share a home, a mortgage, a bank account, car payments, life insurance, three boisterous children, a cantankerous cat, and a sock drawer. There is no doubt in my mind —or in the minds of our family and friends— that we are a married couple on par with all other married couples. We face the same challenges and joys as every other married couple in this country. We struggle with budgeting for our household, raising our children, managing the in-laws, and somehow making time for our relationship amidst the craziness of married life. We share housework and yardwork and homework chores. We argue over Ruanita not filling up ice cube trays. We bicker over me not changing the cat litter. We scratch our heads in amazement at the enormous piles of dirty laundry five people can create. We plan for our future and celebrate our past. But our marriage is not legal. I do not have a wife. What, then, do I have? What exactly are Ruanita and I to one another?

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