Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royally Insane

I think I've lost my mind. As I am sitting here watching Blue's Clues (secretly hoping someone barges in my front door and shoots me in the head), I can't help thinking about the royal wedding. In case you've missed it, there's a big fancy wedding going on tomorrow morning in Britain. I believe it starts at about 3:00am Central Standard Time in the morning. I am actually contemplating setting my alarm to get up and watch it. Is that crazy or what?! I am barely able to drag myself out of bed most mornings when my alarm goes off at 5:30, and I actually think I am going to get up even earlier? The strangest part of this ludicrous idea I am hatching is that I have never in my entire life given a rip about the royal family. Yes, Diana seemed to be a wonderful human being and great philanthropist. I can't help but respect her early work with Aids patients. And Prince William seems like a perfectly fine and decent man, despite inheriting his father's hairline. And that Harry is one smoking hot little red head---even a lesbian can appreciate boyish good looks. But all in all, I really have very little interest in the British monarchy. I don't live in Britain. The royals do not have any effect at all on my daily life. I don't care in the least about anything they say or do.

That said....I find myself inexplicably drawn to the wedding. A real live modern day fairy tale. An actual prince is marrying an actual soon-to-be princess. It is the stuff of Disney legend. Perhaps it is the princess in me that wants to bear witness to the pomp and pageantry? Perhaps it is the little girl in me--the girl who dreamed about white weddings and horse-drawn carriages thirty years ago--who has an overwhelming desire to watch a princess walk down the aisle? Or maybe it is just freakish curiosity. Will the guests break out into song? Will tiny bluebirds carry Kate's wedding dress train down the aisle? Will squirrels and bunnies scamper about the groom's feet as the portly minister chuckles with glee? Will the guest list includes dwarfs, mermaids, chameleons, or donkeys? Will talking animal sidekicks grin knowingly from the sidelines as the princess finally marries her prince charming? Will the whole wedding be set to a soundtrack by Elton John?

Perhaps I have seen a few too many Disney movies. Regardless, I am still toying with the idea of setting my alarm for 3AM. Yes, I have lost my mind. There is no doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

I am taping it so I can skim it. My grandsons (twins) are having a Tea tomorrow at school and they are very excited about the Royal wedding. I feel for the people of England who are going through awful economic times with cuts in every service yet they have 6 billion/gazillion dollars to pay for the wedding. And don't get me started on the hats. I can't wait to see those.

Jessica said...

Perhaps it is that the media in our country has be jamming this thing down your throat for weeks now? I for one am thrilled it is over and hopefully people can give it a rest (after the days and days of analysis I'm sure). but I hope you enjoyed it. I was fast asleep at 1 a.m. when it started on the west coast.

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