Friday, March 11, 2011

Pretty New Things

I think the kids and I might go shopping today. I am need of some new tennis shoes and a new purse. I tried to explain to Ruanita this morning my need for these items. Suffice it to say that she didn't quite get it. My tennis shoes are two years old. They are still in pretty good shape, but they are dingy and somewhat dirty looking. I think a new bright colorful pair is in order before our trip to Kentucky next week. Of course, when I mentioned this to Ruanita, she responded with, "My shoes are two years old, too, and they are in perfect shape." She is of the frugal wear-it-until-it-disintegrates-into-shreds-and-falls-off-your-body school of thought. One only has to peek in her underwear drawer to understand what I am saying. I, however, do not worship at the alter of holy underwear. I like new things. So sue me.

Spring is right around the corner and if there was ever an indicator of rebirth and renewal, it would have to be shoes. Am I right? Sandals, tennis shoes (or sneakers for those of you who prefer that term). New shoes are nothing but pure bliss. You don't have to worry about shoes making you look fat. You don't have to worry about buying a size larger because you simply couldn't step away from the cheesecake. Shoes are utter perfection. And I need a new pair of tennis shoes. No, I am not an athlete. Nor do I plan on taking up running anytime in the near future. But I like my comfy, bright, give-the-impression-of-athleticism tennis shoes.

On the topic of Spring's arrival, I am also in need of a new spring purse. My current purse is very much a winter purse. It is black and gray. It is dark. It is formal. It isn't exactly fun. I am in need of something punchy and fun for the spring. Again, Ruanita did not have a clue what I was talking about when I mentioned that my purse was a winter purse and in need of updating for the season. I think I want something floral. I am definitely in a floral mode right now.

How could I possibly be married to someone who not only hates shopping, but is one hundred percent opposed to ever buying anything for herself. Seriously. I tried to talk her into spending a little money on herself. To ease my own guilt a bit, if nothing else. If anyone deserves it, she most certainly does. Unfortunately, I simply could not come up with anything she felt she needed. Could I possibly have found a more polar opposite person to be with? I could easily--right this very minute--write out a list of fifty things I would like to buy. Easily. What's wrong with liking pretty things? What's wrong with enjoying nice things? What's wrong with wanting shiny NEW things?

If wanting a new purse and tennis shoes makes me shallow, I can live with that. What I can NOT live with is carrying my dull, lifeless, black and gray purse into April.

Shopping is imminent, I am afraid.


Anonymous said...

So funny. I use a black purse almost all year. I change them up but usually always black. How about new underwear for Ruanita as a surprise? When I am at my kids house I sometimes fold and do laundry while I am sitting around and my son always is missing underwear and socks as I throw them away. He finally told me that was okay with underwear but he likes his socks with holes and fraying holes between layers (he wears that athletic, sweat stopping kind). Usually I still just throw them out. :)

Shannon Ralph said...

Madge--I don't throw out Ruanita's underwear. She can wear them until they are nothing but thread as far as I am concerned. We do, however, share a sock drawer. And I am the one who folds laundry. I throw out ANY and EVERY sock I find with holes in them. There is nothing worse than pulling on a pair of socks and finding that your big toe is sticking out of the end. How can anyone walk around like that?!

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