Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've Had my Fix

Ok. I have had my Ruanita fix now. We had a six-hour date night on Friday, followed by a wonderful "family day" at home on Saturday. A big pot of chili and cornbread for dinner. Family game night...Sorry, Ants in My Pants, and Operation. Watching Winter Wipe-Out on television with the kids, listening to then giggle unabashedly as people flipped, flopped, and landed belly-first in the suds-filled water. So I have had my fix. No more verbose, weepy, long-winded posts about my need for Ruanita. No more rambling posts about how exquisite my children are. I'm good now. They can go away again. It's time to get back to business as usual.

I am sitting here watching Ruanita read the paper. Being the shallow, un-informed person I am, I only check out the ads in the Sunday paper. I need to know what Kohls and Target have on sale, you know. That's important business. Ruanita reads the involved articles about the crisis in the Middle East. Then she tries to talk intelligently to me about it. She reads the Business + Money section. Then wants to discuss our own financial situation in depth. She reads the Opinion section. Then she wants to share her own conclusions about the topic of the day. Come on. Don't you see that I barely have one eye open. My Diet Pepsi has yet to work its magic. I might as well still be laying in my bed upstairs in my current state of consciousness. And I am seriously involved in the Target ad. I am carefully weighing the pros and cons of a George Forman grill. I think I might need one. And sure enough, they are on sale. The universe has aligned beautifully and all is well with the world now. That is, all is well except that Ruanita keeps trying to talk to me about teachers unions. Come on....give me a couple of hours. I promise to be intelligent at some point today. Just not right now.


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