Monday, January 31, 2011

A Blogging Milestone

This past Saturday, January 29th, marked the one-year anniversary of the birth of this blog. A lot has happened in the last year. Some amazing things. Some not so amazing. I wanted to take a moment to thank you, my loyal readers, for your friendship, your devotion, your feedback, and--most importantly--your patience.

For withstanding my near daily rants about my kids' sleeping habits, or lack thereof, I thank

For enduring my obsession with my son's pooping habits, including a completely inappropriate and rather repugnant picture of three little poopy boys' briefs floating in my bathroom sink, I thank you.

For braving the crabbiness, crankiness, and general crotchetiness that inhabits many of my daily blog entries, I thank you.

For bearing the hardship of my overly zealous enthusiasm for the Christmas season, I thank you.

For resisting the urge to send me hate mail, I thank you.

For somehow finding the stomach to handle the constant ups and downs of my signature yo-yo dieting without getting dizzy and falling away, I thank you.

For listening to my sappy musings about how "awe-inspiring" my partner and children are--and for doing so without vomiting--I thank you.

For coping with the monotonous and never-ending battles being waged between myself and my headstrong daughter--and for taking my side more often than hers--I thank you.

For your thoughtful and wise responses to my often thoughtless and banal blog entries, I thank you.

For listening with patience to my steadfast (and annoying) angst about my aptitude (or lack thereof) as a parent, I thank you.

For not abandoning me completely when the entire month of February and the first week in March is devoted to nothing but inane chatter about college basketball, I thank you.

For listening to my frequent diatribes about cramping, bloating, post-pregnancy bladder issues, gray hair, arthritic knees, and podiatric problems, I thank you.

For not calling the authorities to report my absolute inadequacy as a parent, I thank you.

For withstanding my incessant woe-is-me whining about how bad things happen always seem to happen to me--and for not screaming at me to get a freaking grip and appreciate what I have, as you rightly could--I thank you.

For allowing me to boast profusely about how absolutely gorgeous--breathtakingly exquisite, really--my three children are without breaking it to me that they are actually nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill little dishwater blonde ragamuffins, I thank you.

For continuing to read my blog despite 2010 being the Year of Shannon's Midlife Crisis, I thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me a reason to write every day and allowing me to share my crazy life with you. I love you all.


Jessica said...

How do you know I'm not vomiting? Maybe I have a can by my desk just in case... ;)

And I will be one fan looking forward to your basketball ranting this spring!

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