Friday, December 03, 2010

A Quest

I am going on a quest this weekend. I am going to be venturing into the wilds of Plymouth, Minnesota. Plymouth is a suburb of Minneapolis that I cannot remember ever visiting. I may have driven through there on my way to someplace else, but I don't think that I've ever driven to Plymouth with the intention of actually going to Plymouth. That is going to change this weekend.

I recently discovered that one of my all-time favorite Thai restaurants that closed a couple of years ago has re-opened on County Road 24 in Plymouth. So Ruanita and I are going on a quest for Ketsana's restaurant tomorrow. There are few things that I can imagine driving to Plymouth for, but Ketsana's definitely makes the list.

Prior to closing, Ketsana's was one of those hole-in-the-wall places that completely lacked any sort of ambiance. The service was poor. The wait staff was unfriendly. The decor consisted of what appeared to be an odd variety of framed pictures (from Goodwill?) that had nothing to do with Thai food or culture. The few times that I ventured a peek into the kitchen, I quickly wished I had not. In short, it was not exactly a five-star dining experience. In my experience, however, those restaurants seem to end up as my most beloved dining spots.

What Ketsana's lacked in atmosphere, they more than made up for with their food. Vegetarian egg rolls with the perfect combination of crunch paired with sweet cabbage and carrots. By far THE BEST egg rolls I have ever eaten. When Lucas was a baby, Ruanita and I would get Ketsana's take-out several times a month. I have many a memory of watching ER cuddles up in blankets eating take-out from Ketsana's. We lived on their Pad Mee, a dish consisting of stir fried egg noddles, pea pods, carrots, onions, and celery. Ruanita usually got hers with chicken and I ordered beef. Thin strips of lean beef that were perfectly crispy around the edges and carrots cut like little flowers. Ruanita always ordered mild and I would order mine medium. Medium was enough spice to make my nose run and my eyes water. Hot but delectable.

My mouth is watering as I type this. Is 7:30am too early to be craving Thai food? I can't wait to head to Plymouth tomorrow. It's been years since I tasted that spicy deliciousness and my taste buds are SO ready to be reintroduced to the flavor of Pad Mee.


Jessica said...

Awesome! I can relate to your tale. We had a favorite restaurant in Okinawa that closed with a promise to reopen in a far away neighborhood. Many times we searched but could never find the new place (if they ever did reopen). It was so sad. I can only imagine the joy if we had found them again.

Also wonderful to have such deliciousness. You made me hungry just reading your post!

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