Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to my Coworkers

There are few things that bring people together like sweets. I brought two trays of Christmas candy in to work today to share with my coworkers. I had to get it out of my house. At least half of the candy contains peanut butter, my all-time #1 weakness. Last night alone, I ingested more sugar-laced peanut butter than I have in my entire thirty-eight years. It had to go.

You would have thought I brought in a tray of crack the way my coworkers swarmed around the candy. Christmas crack! They were downright giddy about it. At 7:00 in the morning, no less! They oohed and aahhed and pondered their selection with a level of focus and concentration that I have never seen in my workplace before. I am sure not a single person here gave as much thought to choosing our last president as they did to which sugary confection they would select this morning.

I have to say, I really enjoy pawning off candy on my coworkers. For the people on my team (all four of them), I will actually bag up individual little Christmas bags of candy all tied up pretty with curly ribbon. For the rest of the office, I simply stick the trays of candy in the break room. It makes people happy. And it makes me happy to be able to give a gift to the people I spend so much time with throughout the year. And the fact that I don't have to spend a penny on their gifts (with the exception of the candy ingredients, which I would be buying anyway) makes it that much sweeter. I am a huge fan of the cheap gift! It shows that I was thinking about you....but that I don't really like you enough to spend real money and time shopping for a gift for you. Merry Christmas to my coworkers! Those hard-working, under-appreciated, borderline tolerable denizens of cubicle-town. Here's to another year of long hours, cranky customers, shelved raises, inept colleagues, humorless bosses, and sub-par compensation! Happy New Year to you all!


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