Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The trials and tribulations of second grade...

We survived Lucas' first day of school. It was iffy there for a while, but we managed. On Sunday evening Ruanita and I went to the Brandi Carlile concert at the State Fair. Loved her! The show was utterly amazing. However, it was midnight by the time we got home and probably after 1:00am before we got to sleep. My alarm clock went off bright and early at 6:00am. Of course, being as unaccustomed as I am to late-night activities, I turned the alarm clock off and went back to sleep. Ruanita awoke in a panic at 6:30am. Lucas goes to an "early start" school that begins at 7:30am. We jumped up, threw on some clothes, and ran downstairs to wake the kids. Ruanita and I both took the day off work. Our plan was to take Lucas to school and then go out to a celebratory breakfast with Sophie and Nicholas. This meant that we had to get all three children up and dressed. Lucas is typically an obnoxiously happy morning person. However, yesterday, he apparently reached way back into the recesses of his genetic make-up and pulled out the morning monster that he should have inherited from Ruanita. He did not want to get out of bed and get ready for school. I have to say...I felt his pain. We eventually did pry him from his bed, however, and he sat comatose on the couch staring at the television and absentmindedly eating a strawberry Pop-Tart. Yes, I am one of those moms who feed my children Pop-Tarts for breakfast. If I had managed to drag my sorry butt out of bed on time, I could have made him First-Day-of-School pancakes. Alas, it did not happen. We eventually wrestled clothes onto all of the children and stumbled bleary-eyed out the front door. Being the evil mother I am, I made the kids pose in front of the house for the obligatory first day of school pictures. We then piled into the minivan and headed off to Hale Community School. We parked the car and we all walked hand-in-hand into the school. Lucas excitedly said good morning to the crossing guard and beamed at everyone we passed. We got him settled into his classroom and turned in his homework. That's right---he was given homework at the school Open House last week. That does not bode well for the upcoming year. We found his backpack hook and the bin to store his lunch box. Ruanita stood in the hallway with Sophie and Nicky, as to avoid the chaotic rush in the classroom. As I leaned down to give Lucas a hug and a kiss, he said, "I am okay, mom. You can leave now." That's right...I was dismissed. I was given the proverbial boot. My baby boy did not need his momma. I have to admit, it was a little bittersweet. I was a little bit sad that he didn't need me. However, at the same time, I was ecstatic that he was comfortable enough at school to tell me I could leave. I wanted to grab him at that moment and hold onto him forever. However, not wanting to be known as the crazy mom in elementary school circles, I resisted that urge and simply walked out of the classroom instead.

When we picked Lucas up from school yesterday afternoon, it was like pulling teeth to get him to tell us anything about his day. We only got mono-syllabic grunts in response to our questions. However, as the afternoon and evening progressed, I was given a tiny glimpse into his day. A sideways comment here. A backhanded remark there. I learned that Claire, the love of his life...the child whose mother believes in neither washing nor combing her daughter's hair....was in his class again this year. And he whispered covertly to me that he still liked her. He also informed me that he had seven girls chasing him at recess. The reason? He thinks it was because his new haircut was a "girl magnet." I discovered that he had music class on Mondays, and that he played the triangle because he was "afraid" of the larger instruments. Also, the rather large little girl who terrorized him last year and frankly, probably could beat ME up, is in his class again this year. However, Lucas said she was "calmer" this year. Give her time, buddy.

And yes....he got homework on the first day of school. I love second grade already!


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