Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it bedtime yet??

I have hit a wall. I have stumbled head-first into a fog of writer's block. Perhaps I have nothing to say. Perhaps I have already told all of my stories. Whatever the reason, I am having trouble thinking of a single interesting thing to write about today. As I type this, Sophie is standing up on the couch making a fort out of every pillow and practically every blanket in the house. I know who will be cleaning up that mess. Lucas is in the bathtub. The cat just came running out of the bathroom at full speed. I heard Lucas laugh maniacally, so I can only ascertain that he splashed the cat. That means there is water on my bathroom floor despite my threats to cause him great bodily harm if he got water all over the floor. I keep telling him he only has five more minutes, but frankly, I like him safely ensconced in the bathtub...out of my hair and unable to terrorize his brother and sister. Unfortunately, it appears that the cat was not so lucky. I may get him out eventually this evening. Then again...maybe not. Nicholas is sitting next to me staring longingly at a Halloween costume catalog we received in the mail today. He has carried it with him all afternoon and I suspect that he will be sleeping with it tonight. The front cover has a full-page picture of his newest obsession...Mario (of Super Mario Brothers fame). He has asked me at least two dozen times today to buy him a Mario costume for Halloween. It is only $34.99. As much as I would love to see my four-year-old son in a greasy-looking black mustache, I seriously doubt he will be getting a Mario costume. Of course, I haven't told him that yet. Instead, I have responded with that ubiquitous mommy-ism......"we'll see." It seems to satisfy him for the time being, so why put any more effort into it right now?

Now Sophie is screaming because I told her she could not do her acrobatics routine on the living room couch....and I just heard an ominous-sounding splash coming from the bathroom. Is it bedtime yet??


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