Monday, August 23, 2010


I walked into work this morning to find a brand new computer sitting on my desk. Well, in actuality, it is not brand new. It was swiped from the office of the service manager who was canned a few months back. Hopefully, there is no bad ju-ju attached to this computer. It appears to be working just fine. Certainly better than the piece of junk it replaced. However, I am a bit taken aback by the size of hulking monitor sitting on top of it. I suspect it had a previous life screening films in a movie theater. It is absolutely colossal. I feel as though everything I do onscreen now will be displayed for the entire office's viewing pleasure. Why anyone, with the exception of those born prior to 1920, would need or desire a screen this large is beyond me! Honestly, I am a bit frightened of it. If it were to fall on me, I am afraid it could disable me for life. As if I didn't have enough to worry about I have to be concerned about whether or not my office sits on a fault line. It wouldn't take a huge earthquake....just a small tremor and I am afraid I would be wearing adult adult diapers and eating my dinner through a tube.

Anyway...I better get off of here quickly since the whole office is currently watching me blog on my employer's dime.


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