Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The plot thickens...

I really should correct my children when they get these crazy ideas in their heads, but I find myself too amused to step in. Last week, Sophie and Nicholas had a rather heated discussion about who would marry their brother, Lucas, when they grow up. Sophie insisted she has every intention of tying the knot with her brother. However, Nicholas also wanted to marry Lucas. The brawl ended with Nicholas in tears. I assume Sophie won the argument because, when all was said and done, I found her patting Nicholas' hand (rather condescendingly), explaining that he could still come to the wedding and eat some of her chocolate wedding cake. Poor Nicholas.

Yesterday, on the way home from picking Lucas up from summer school (this is his last week of summer school..yea!), the kids were once again discussing how they would live as adults. Apparently, Sophie and Lucas have concluded that they will allow Nicholas to live with them, though they were quite adamant that three people could not marry. Apparently incest is acceptable, but polygamy crosses a line. They decided that they were going to have three children, two boys and one girl, just like our family. Nicholas and Lucas would be the dads and Sophie would be the mom. The girl would grow in Sophie's belly and the boys would grow in Lucas' belly. They would name their children Roger, Fred, and Suzie. And they intend to raise their children close by...as a matter of fact, they intend to move in right next door to Ruanita and I. Lucky me. I will have plenty of access to my three, poorly-named, mutant, likely two-headed grandchildren.

Yes, I know. I should set them straight. If nothing else, I should let Lucas know that chances are pretty slim that he will become pregnant by his little sister. However, I find it incredibly endearing that they want to recreate their own childhood when they grow up. They want to live together, close to their mommies, and have a family that resembles ours in every way. Apparently, they must enjoy the life they are living now.

I am going to take that as confirmation that Ruanita and I must be doing something right.


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