Thursday, July 29, 2010

Conversation with The Boy

Coming home from school today, I had the pleasure of engaging in the following conversation with Lucas...

Lucas: Momma, which is bigger? A mile or a pound?
Me: Huh?
Lucas: Which is bigger? A mile or a pound?
Me: Neither one. They are two completely different things.
Lucas: (rolling his eyes) I know they are different. But which one is bigger?
Me: You can't compare them Lucas. Neither one is bigger than the other.
Lucas: But if they were the same, which one would be bigger?
Me: (attempting logic) One measures distance and one measures weight. Neither is bigger than the other.
Lucas: Mo-om! (I do so love the multi-syllabic pronunciation of mom). Just tell me.
Me: Neither one.
Lucas: (getting extremely agitated with me) Seriously, mom! Which one is bigger? Just tell me!
Me: (admitting defeat) A mile, Lucas. A mile is bigger than a pound.
Lucas: I knew it!

Some days, it is simply not worth the effort....


Vikki said...

A mile is TOTALLY bigger! :)

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