Monday, April 05, 2010

No chance in hell...

Tonight at dinner, the kids and I decided to play a game of Twenty Questions. We had completed our nightly round of "What was your favorite thing you did today?" and "What was your least favorite thing you did today?" Those two questions are our typical dinnertime conversation starters. We have had some interesting conversations result from the kids' answers to those questions. Today, however, our answers were rather dull...the post-Easter let-down, I guess. Lucas decided that a rousing game of Twenty Questions would perk us up, so I reluctantly played along.

If you've never played Twenty Questions with small children, it is both extremely entertaining and excruciatingly frustrating. There is absolutely no chance that you will win. Lucas started the game with a declaration that the thing he was thinking of started with the letters CH. It was an animal...a insect. After investing entirely too much brain power trying to think of a creature starting with CH that met all of these criteria, I admitted defeat. He had stumped me. Lucas then victoriously announced that he had been thinking of a tarantula...actually, a "charanchula." See...I didn't have a chance in the world.

Sophie was even worse. Rather than letting us ask questions, Sophie just belted out clues. However, the object she was thinking of apparently changed several times within the course of our game. First she said, "You ride on it." Wagon? Horse? Nope. Then she said, "It's a kind of people." People that you ride on? The only thing I could think of were our nightly piggy back rides, so I guessed that she was thinking of me. Nope. It wasn't me. She then announced, "It's furry." Ok...a furry person that you ride? This was beginning to get mildly disturbing. I was stumped. Sophie, grinning ear to ear, then proudly announced, "It's Molly! It's a cat!" A cat? A person? You ride on it? When I asked Sophie when she had ever rode on Molly, she started laughing and said, "It was a joke!"

See...despite my highly tuned powers of deduction, I had no chance in hell of winning against my children.


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