Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things that go bump in the night...

Tonight, after putting the kids to bed, I went to the kitchen to go about the grueling task of loading the dishwasher. As I was standing there rinsing juice cups, I heard a thud coming from the general vicinity of the kids' bedrooms. I paused for a moment and listened intently, but no one screamed out in pain. So I ignored the sound and continued with my rinsing. I was certainly not curious enough to get involved in whatever covert mischief my kids were involved in. A few minutes later, however, I heard another thud. Again, no crying. No screaming. Hmmm...what are they doing? Again, however, I chose to ignore the sound. I had the new Twilight movie on DVD from Netflix. My plan for the evening was to get the kids to sleep and then go upstairs and watch it on my laptop, snuggled cozily in my bed. I hoped by ignoring whatever naughty antics they were engaged in, my children would soon get bored and drift off to sleep. A few minutes later, however, Sophie popped her head into the kitchen. "Did you hear that noise, momma?" she said. the thud was coming from Sophie's room. I just stared at her, expressionless, and allowed her to explain why she was out of her bed. "I can't go to sleep, momma, because I keep rolling out of my bed," she said. Ok...this is ridiculous, at best. Sophie has rails on both sides of her bed. The rails run 3/4 of the length of her bed. In order to roll out of her bed, Sophie would first have to turn herself sideways, assume the fetal position, rolls ALL THE WAY to the end of her bed, and then take a sharp left. Then, and only then, would her body be able to find its way to the floor. Apparently, however, Sophie thought this was a believable story. I am not certain if she was throwing a toy on her floor to make the thudding noise, or if she was actually throwing her body on the floor. I suspect it was the latter. And I imagine that she laid there for a few minutes each time, sprawled out on the floor, waiting for mommy to come rushing in. Good try, baby. Perhaps next time you should come up with an excuse that does not defy the laws of physics. Now back to bed!


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