Thursday, March 25, 2010

My children have proven...yet again...that they are smarter than me. Lately, Nicholas has been obsessed with coloring. He can sit and color for hours. He tends to be monochromatic...he'll color an entire page in one color. However, he is meticulous and is profoundly serious about his coloring. On several occasions, he has gotten himself in trouble by coloring on the walls. When he's been caught in the act...or when his fabulous "artwork" has been discovered after the fact...he will smile and say "It was an accident." Of course, this argument gets him no where.

This morning, Ruanita called me at work to inform me that she had discovered one of Nicholas' creations on the wall of our staircase going upstairs. Actually, his artwork ran the entire length of the stairs. I asked if he smiled innocently and told her it was an accident. No. The boy has changed his defence. This time, when Ruanita asked him why he colored on the wall, tricky little Nicky responded, "Momma wasn't watching me." that's how we're going to play, huh? Cunning little Nicky has a new tactic. Divide and conquer. Convince your other mom that I was ignoring you, thus forcing you to act out in a desperate attempt to garner my attention? Brilliant strategy, really. Well-played, my little shyster. Well played, indeed.


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