Monday, March 08, 2010

Online Shopping

Last night, I did some online shopping and I am still giddy about it this morning. Is it sad and pathetic that the simple act of ordering a product online brings me such immense joy? I love to shop at actual stores...I could spend hours strolling the mall...checking out all of the pretty things I would like to buy. Yes, I freely admit to being a bit materialistic. Well, actually a materialistic person would be one who owned a lot of expensive possessions, right? That is not me. That is far from me. I guess I am a wanna-be materialist. Even more pitiful. Of course, with three small children in tow, a trip to the mall does not have the appeal it used to have. As a matter of fact, I honestly believe that I would rather have my fingernails yanked out one by one, than take my children shopping. Trust is THAT kind of hell. compensate for my inability to shop to my heart's content, I have become a huge fan of online shopping. Every year, Ruanita and I set aside a certain portion of our tax return to buy summer clothes, shoes, etc. for the kids. We also give ourselves a set allowance to buy clothes for ourselves....or whatever else we desire within our strictly outlined budget. So yesterday, I went about the grueling (tee-hee) task of spending that money. I ordered all three of the kids sandals for this summer online. I love They each got to pick the sandals they wanted from the pictures online, and I did not have to drag a single screaming, whining kid through a shoe store. See...we all win with online shopping! I also ordered myself a new pair of Teva sandals and a pair of brown leather oxford shoes. And I got a new wallet from of my favorite sites to order from. Such pretty, pretty things.

Now I must patiently wait to receive the packages in the mail. Yes, shopping at the mall does come with the added bonus of being able to bring your purchased items home right away. However, there is something to be said for delayed gratification. I sit home with the kids all afternoon...every afternoon. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a UPS truck pull up in front of my house. I stand at the window salivating while I watch that brown-clad god or goddess walk toward my front door with package in hand. The kids squeal with delight (as does their mother...and let me tell you, it is not an attractive sight) to see what treasures that package holds. Getting a package in the mail makes every day brighter and that much more bearable. It's like having my own personal who does house calls.


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