Thursday, February 18, 2010

Suspicious behavior...

What does it say about my parenting that I am absolutely flabbergasted and more than a little suspicious when one of my children does something nice for another? This afternoon, Nicholas poured out one of the toy boxes in his bedroom. Toys everywhere. As we were leaving this afternoon to head out to our Thursday night class, I told him that he would have to pick them up when we got home. We ended up getting home about 8:30pm....past the kids' bedtime already. I quickly went about the task of getting pajamas on the little ones. Lucas was getting his pajamas on himself in his bedroom. After brushing Nicky's teeth, I escorted him to his room to begin picking up the toys. To my surprise, all of the toys had been picked up. Lucas was standing there half dressed, smiling sheepishly. He said "I picked up the toys. I thought I would help out." What the hell?! Who was this creature standing in the boys' bedroom and what had he done with my child?? My children do not "help out"...especially not the boys. They live to torture one another. They bully and belittle and berate. They tease and target and torment. They provoke and pester and persecute. They do NOT however, "help out." Am I wrong to suspect ulterior motives? Hmmm...exactly what is that child up to??


Jennifer said...

Awwww... that was so sweet of Lucas. I does make you wonder what they want sometimes, lol. No really sometimes just out of the blue they will do stuff like that and shock the hell out of ya, lol

Anonymous said...

Sweet my ass! He's feeling guilty for something else! LOL! Suspicious behaviour indeed! :)

Happy Mama

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