Tuesday, February 02, 2010

First Report Card

So tomorrow Lucas will be bringing home his first "real" report card from school. Yes, he got report cards in kindergarten, but they didn't count. They just got S's and U's (satisfactory and unsatisfactory) then. Lucas was fully satisfactory...whatever that means. Now he is a big first grader. This is it. The big time. The real deal. I am worried. Right now, I think of him as a genius. The next Einstein. The Golden Child. What if this report card dashes my hope of a future doctor or nuclear physicist in the family? What if I find out he isn't the intellect I think he is....what if he ends up being...gulp...average??

So what if he prints like someone having an epileptic seizure and his reading is mediocre at best. He knows the name of every dinosaur that ever walked this Earth...AND he can pronounce them correctly, a feat that is often beyond Ruanita and I. He can assemble and disassemble a Bionicle in 20 seconds flat. Doesn't that count for something?! He loves PBS and his favorite show on TV is NATURE. He should get bonus points for that. At least enough to move a C to a C+, right? Oh yea...he wears glasses too...and orthotics. He gets a little bit of geek cred for that. He's the only other person in the house besides me who enjoys Antiques Roadshow. AND he is pale and pasty. Come on now...he just HAS to be a brainiac with those credentials!

Ok...ok...I am going to calm down. A report card is nothing. Grades will not define Lucas. Regardless of the number of A's on his report card, he will always be a geek to me! Lucas and I...the Pierce-Ralph geek team.


Jennifer said...

I'm sure he's doing great...

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